Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sewing Workshop Trunk show by CFA Members

On Tuesday, May 4, our meeting room was filled to the brim with garments created by CFA members using patterns by The Sewing Workshop. More than 80 garments using over 40 patterns were displayed. Below is a small sampling of photos taken by Barbara Gordon of our trunk show.

Cheryl Jordan shows us her Zigzag Shirt.

and two bags she made using the L2 Bag pattern and upholstery fabrics.

Gwen Spencer displays her Bells Shirt.

and her Liberty Shirt,

Below is Gwen's 8th Avenue Skirt - she used both sides of the fabric.

Gwen and Nancy each made a Chopin Blouse in silk dupioni.

Nita Phillips made the Joplin Pullover.

and a bright green Inventor Shirt. The solid green "apron" can be unbuttoned and shirt worn without it.

Julie Oughton models her Plaza Jacket.

and Nancy and Julie each hold one of Julie's Mimoso Tops. You can see a bit of Nancy's Now shirt. It is made from an ikat fabric from Thailand that she purchased when Charlene Toman from Sojourn Collection came to our January CFA meeting.

Karen Tornow shows us one of her MixIt Shirts.

And below is one of Gwen's MixIt Shirts.

Karen holds the San Francisco Coat made in her favorite color.

and her Soho Coat below,

Below is Karen's Ikena Jacket,

Monine made the Hong Kong Vest using both sides of a lovely Asian fabric, below:

By far, the Now Shirt and the Zen Shirt were the most popular patterns amongst our Sewing Workshop fans.

The trunk show ended with a discussion of some fitting tips about crotch depths, neckline circumferences, jacket lengths and overall fit of some of the patterns.

Karen brought some of the most popular patterns as well as some specialty notions and fabrics swatches for purchase. We could also order patterns postage-free at the end of the program. We had a lot of fun and hope the audience did too!

Nancy Bryant
photos by Barbara Gordon

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  1. Loved the fashion show!
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