Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dye Worskhop with Martha

Martha admires some of our dye results.

Lynn paints a series of pieces for possible use in a future garment. Above Martha views the results.

Nita chooses a dye from one of 22 color choices - a tough decision!

Cheryl uses a squiggy toy to create a cool design.

Nita's leg got in the way of the wet fabric while walking with it to the clothesline. She'll be wearing pants to work on Monday.

Lynn's finished piece - painted and stamped. Print paste (sodium alginate mixed with urea water) is used to thicken the dye for stamping.

Shirely placed a large piece of fabric into a big bag, added dye, and squeezed and squished to disperse the dye. Martha enjoys Shirely's approach.

Cheryl and Cindyare getting started.

The day flew by for the seven of us as we twisted, scrunched, painted, stamped, and dabbed dye onto yards of fabric. Martha Spark did a fabulous job of providing tons of supplies for us. While it was hot outdoors, we stayed comforatable in Cheryl Jordan's dye studio aka the lawnmower room! Many of our pieces need to "marinate" overnight in plastic bags. We eagerly await viewing the results. THANK YOU MARTHA for a great day!