Saturday, June 16, 2012

Shibori Workshop with Barbara and Michael Pickett

The Contemporary Fiber Arts Guild hosted a Shibori Indigo Dye Workshop on June 2, 2012.
Our instructors were Barbara and Michael Pickett from Eugene.

Ten members had a great time dyeing with indigo and Colorhue dyes. Projects included a circle scarf in cotton jersey using a tie dye technique, a rayon/bamboo scarf using a choice of one of the various shibori techniques presented by Barbara, and a silk habatai scarf done with Colorhue dyes and a choice of clamping techniques.

The most fascinating aspect for me, an indigo novice, was pulling the dyed piece from the indigo vat and watching it "bloom" from pale green when removed from the dye bath to dark blue after exposure to oxygen. Wow.
Our tied scarves are submerged in the indigo dye bath. Let no oxygen into the dye bath!

Out of the dye bath, the scarves are pale green at this point.

After blooming the scarves are dark blue!

And Voila, Virginia's finished scarf,

Arashi wrapping a scarf onto a PVC pipe

And some finished results,

 Barbara shows us some finished scarves made using wine bottles or PVC pipe for Bomaki wrapping.

Some Bomaki wrapped results,

We could use the pleater to create a resist for the dye. Libby gave this device a try.

Barbara shows us a sample scarf made with a fold and clamp resist technique.

And Virginia's finished Colorhue scarf (while wet it doesn't have the full visual impact),

We made quite a disarray out of the beautiful Mihara Scarves during our shopping frenzy. Michael ponders the pile of scarves, reflected in the mirror.

Thank you Barbara and Michael for a wonderful workshop, and to our photographers Heather Hodney and Barbara Gordon who had to stop what they were working on to take photos.

We  shared some of our results at the June CFA guild meeting.